Add Colored Lettering

When making bullet jewelry, there are several things you can do after gluing the bullet slice to the jewelry blank to make your jewelry pop! Coloring your jewelry’s headstamp is one such thing. It is VERY cheap and VERY easy and it really takes your jewelry to the next level. For example, look at the following picture and decide which bullet casing looks better!


Without a doubt you said the left bullet casing. The headstamp is clearly visible while the uncolored casing’s headstamp is fairly hard to see. To do this you only need two things!



-Expo (or similar) brand dry erase marker

-Bullet Jewelry (for the purposes of this tutorial, a bullet casing will represent your jewelry!)


Our step-by-step process:

1. This step is really easy! Simply color all over your jewelry’s headstamp. (A headstamp is simply the writing on the top of a bullet casing!) You want to make sure to get all the way into the bottom of the headstamp! Don’t worry if you accidentally mark where you don’t want to as the dry erase marker is super easy to wipe off.


2. This step is super simple as well! GENTLY wipe off the Expo marker with your finger from your jewelry’s headstamp. If you wipe too hard you will remove the dry erase marker from the headstamp’s writing. 9 times out of 10, you will wipe too hard and remove a letter or two. This is no big deal! It is easily fixed (see step #3)!


3. You likely partially or fully removed a letter (or letters) from your jewelry! Simply repeat steps #1 and #2 on the letters you wish to try again on! Be careful not to mess up any more letters while you’re fixing the other letters! Repeat this step as many times as you need to get the lettering to be perfect (or as close as you can get it)! In the following pictures, I messed up the left side of the “R” on my casing. I just re-colored it, wiped it off, and it was perfect. Super easy.



You’re done! Super easy, cheap, and effective! This tutorial will bring your jewelry from eh to ah! This also makes taking pictures much easier! (As the lettering of the headstamp won’t get lost in the rest of the casing)

One more thing to consider: Expo makes markers that are many different colors!


You can even match the color of your jewelry’s headstamp to the color of your jewelry’s crystal! Check out this comparison!



But it is also important to remember that black goes with everything! Here’s another comparison!




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