Bullet Bottle Opener Tutorial – A Cheap, Badass, Tutorial

Make Your Own .50 CaliberĀ Bullet Bottle Opener!

This tutorial will show you how to how to quickly, easily make a badass bottle opener! Beer seems to taste better when opened with machine gun bullet casings šŸ˜‰


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-50 Caliber Dummy Round

A “Dummy Round” is simply a bullet that has no gunpowder or primer. One can be made very easily by gluing a bullet into a fired casing. DO NOT USE A LIVE ROUND!

-Hacksaw or Dremel

-Benchtop Vise

-Sharpie (or similarĀ permanent marker)

-Metal File

Optional – Wire Brush


Our step-by-step process:

1. Draw the outline of the cut you plan to make in the bullet casing portion of the dummy round. Using your permanent marker, draw this pattern on your dummy round! (The line down the middle is optional.)



Here’s a side view! (Each side should look like this.)



2. With your casing secured in a vise, begin your first cut. I like to use a scrap piece of cardboard to keep my vise from scarring the casing or bullet. (Your first cut into your soon-to-be bullet bottle opener is the one marked red in the following picture.) It is important to go slow and follow your line! Be sure to stop where your line stops!


3.Ā With your casing still in the vise, begin your second cut. (Also marked red in the following picture.) Again, go slow and follow your line. Once this second cut meets your first cut, the section of casing that you cut out should fall freely out. You’re done with the hacksaw now!082083087090


4. Here’s where your dummy round goes from a casing with a hole in it to a real bullet bottle opener! Set your metal file into the groove you cut with your hacksaw. Begin filing a lip into the casing. (Only file the remaining section still left in your original outline.) This lip grabs the bottle cap, so it’s important that it is deep enough to really be able to hold the edge of your bottle’s cap.



5. File off any burrs and wipe off any marker from your bullet bottle opener and grab a bottle of whatever you enjoy! (You may want to run your bullet bottle opener under a wire brush. It will give it an awesome uniform look and hide any scratches or tool marks you accidentally made!)

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