Bullet Jewelry! Earrings, Cufflinks, Rings, and More!

Bullet Jewelry!

Once you’ve created your bullet casing slice, all you have to do is glue it to a jewelry blank to create your bullet jewelry! There are a few tips and tricks involved that will help your jewelry hold together strongly with no fear that the blank and bullet slice will separate.


Bullet Jewelry

Bullet Slices
E6000 Epoxy (Very strong, clear drying, and perfect for our purposes!)
-A Disposable or Easily Cleaned Working Surface
-Jewelry Blanks (lots of possibilities, but our favorites are listed below!)

Pins & Tie Tacks       
Cuff Links

Earring Posts (The ones in this link are surgical steel, which we highly recommend!)

It is important to know that your jewelry blanks should have a smaller diameter glue pad than the bullet slice you plan to attach it to. You can find the sizes of various bullet slices here.

Our step-by-step process:

  1. Prepare your epoxy according to package directions. We’ve found that we, as well as our customers, by far prefer a clear epoxy. Even though you wouldn’t know the difference while the jewelry is being worn, clear epoxy makes the back look much cleaner and neater. We did a lot of experimenting with different epoxys. We highly recommend E6000, and we’d stay away from two-part epoxys.Bullet Jewelry
  2. Now that you have your materials and your epoxy prepped, we’re going to join the bullet slices and jewelry blanks! First, lay your bullet slices face down on your working surface. If you plan to add a crystal to your jewelry, make sure that you are using bullet slices that have been deprimed! Next dip your blanks in the prepared epoxy. Now gently join the two, being careful to keep the blanks centered on the back of the bullet slices.Bullet Jewelry
  3. Keep an eye on your jewelry! Even if you take extreme care in centering the blank onto the bullet slice, it will likely move around or “swim.”  You will need to adjust your jewelry blanks to center them while the epoxy dries. We have made batches of twenty pairs of earrings only to step away from the still drying earrings and to return to ruined, off-center earrings. That is a huge loss for not watching your drying bullet jewelry for roughly ten minutes! ALWAYS check your specific epoxy’s instructions for exact drying times!Bullet Jewelry
  4. Now your bullet jewelry is complete! It is ready for any fine tuning, adding crystals or emboldening its headstamp with black ink, you wish to give it in order to truly finish it!
Bullet Jewelry
Bullet Jewelry – Bullet Earrings

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