Bullet Slices

Creating Bullet Slices

The bullet slice is the foundation for most bullet jewelry! They can be used to make cuff links, earrings, tie tacks, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Bullet Slice
Bullet Slice – How To Make Bullet Slices – Bullet Slice

Fortunately, cutting bullet casings is not a difficult process. There are two methods to create a bullet slice that require relatively inexpensive tools. For both these methods, we recommend holding the body of the bullet casing in a vise grip. The cutting tool (hack saw or dremmel) is placed near the top of the extractor groove and cutting begins! With either method, it’s extremely important to go slow and ensure your cut is as straight as possible. You’ll want an even surface on your bullet slice to affix your jewelry blanks. It will make your bullet jewelry much cleaner and better overall. You can buy already cut bullet casings, but we find that cutting them yourself is worth it.


Here’s a video that’ll show you how to cut a bullet slice with a hacksaw:


A video demonstrating how to cut a bullet slice with a Dremel is coming soon!

(If you’d prefer to skip this step, we offer pre-sliced bullet casings HERE)